Does your nonprofit club, team, or other organization have an experienced, professional photographer?

Cobalt Imaging has everything you need to capture the event (play, team or group photo, recital, etc.), distribute photos for online viewing/sharing, offer photo-related products for sale, and manage order fullfillment.

Unlike traditional studios, we offer creative arrangements designed with your organization's requirements in mind. Consider these advantages:

- No up-front costs. We cover your group event, set up a web portal, and manage order fulfillment without any payments from your organization. Everything is order-funded.

- Free to look and share. Everyone loves sharing, and ther's no better way to promote your group than a website full of amazing pictures of your participants having fun.

- We do the order fulfillment. No hassles for you collecting orders and money, managing order fullfillment, and distributing the products.

- You raise money! Did we mention fundraiser? Your organization will receive a portion of the revenue from all successful sales campaigns.

Let us show you how Cobalt Imaging can help promote your program with professional photographic coverage of your group's activities.

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